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New in Lucerne you can find the old martial art of the legendary ninjas, proven itself over the centuries on the battlefield. The trainining comprises unarmed techniques and with a variety of weapons. The unarmed techniques include throws, locks, hits with any part of the body and kicks. The weapons used in this martial art are diverse: including katana (samurai sword), knife, long stick, short stick, bow arrow, kusarigama, naginata, spear and much more! The dojo was founded in 2020 and it has always been my mission to combine tradition and innovation. I prioritize self-defense and self-discovery, not competition. At Bujinkan Luzern, every intensive training session gives you the opportunity to build confidence, discipline and both mental and physical mastery.


My Approach

Confidence. Strength. Self Defence.

I put a lot of emphasis on both technical training and applied training, i.e. how to apply the learned techniques in a dynamic situation. For this we regularly do sparring, also with weapons, in a friendly way, whereby the top priority is safety.

Make Contact

The dojo is located in 6025 Neudrof, Luzern. Due to my sensitive line of work I ask kindly for you to contact me providing your first name, family name and telephone number. I will then provide you the exact address.

+41 78 654 29 79

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